Sample Report Portal

An online report interface provided by BiomedRx Inc.

This is a sample of a BiomedRx online report portal. On your actual private portal we share our biomedical equipment maintenance management program. This is a complete outline of the program and policies by which we manage your equipment assets as a BiomedRx contract customer. Please do not divulge any aspect of the BiomedRx maintenance management system to anyone outside of your organization. The procedure and policies of our equipment maintenance management program can be found by clicking on the links in the menu on the left side of this page.

Our maintenance management system provides for the management of all electronic devices used in your facility. This means medical equipment, computers, and all other electronic devices. Your medical equipment is maintained in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations and the Environment of Care Standards established by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. All medical and non-medical electronic equipment is inspected for electrical safety in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association publication NFPA99. Our equipment management program guarantees that your facility operates within compliance with all regulatory agencies.

Preventive maintenance inspections are scheduled according to a weighted risk assessment protocol, described herein. Custom preventive maintenance procedures are developed using a combination of the equipment manufacturers’ preventative maintenance and calibration verification procedures, and the electrical safety inspection protocol for leakage current, ground resistance and polarity established in NFPA99.

During a preventive maintenance inspection, sometimes parts will be found in need of replacement. During these instances, a repair work order will be generated to be executed when parts are made available. Equipment is expected to be disinfected before maintenance is scheduled.

At the end of each preventive maintenance shift, a BiomedRx representative will update your secure online report portal. The update will include a summary report video, images, and text. Video will also be used to demonstrate equipment malfunctions or to show parts that need to be replaced.

Our unique online portal reporting system enables BiomedRx representatives to access your facility after hours and on weekends to perform scheduled maintenance. This minimizes interruption to your clinical operations. As a client, all you have to do is bookmark your secure portal and refresh your browser for updates on all service events in your facility. Only BiomedRx offers this level of service accountability and reporting.

Remember to bookmark this portal, and return frequently. BiomedRx will update this page with news that is relevant to your facility.