Medical Equipment Repair

Medical Equipment Field Service

BiomedRx offers an outsourced field service solution for companies involved in the manufacture of electronic medical devices. Our service representatives perform your medical device installation, calibration, preventive maintenance and repair. We have many years of experience servicing all modalities of diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment, as well as medical imaging, and scientific laboratory equipment. We also provide applications assistance, and documentation needed for the Food and Drug Administration 510(k) process for medical device certification.

Through our network of independent service organizations, we provide service coverage throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean. Our network and service territory are constantly expanding.

As BiomedRx adheres to the highest standard of service accountability and reporting, every client is provided with a secure online report portal. This living service report contains video, image, and text documentation of all service events.

Our field service support will empower your organization to expand sales territories more rapidly. We can arrange for flat-rate fee schedules for such operations as installations, field modifications/upgrades, preventative maintenance inspections, and other field operations.

Contact us today to discuss the possibility of a BiomedRx field service partnership.